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Cap’n Coconut Mermaid Hair$12.00$20.00

Sound the sirens—Mermaid Hair is here. This beachy, lightweight hairspray is infused with oils and sea salt to provide just the right amount of moisture, grit, and body for long or short hair. Plus, it smells otherworldly good. Proudly made with Jacobsen Sea Salt from Netarts Bay, here on the Oregon Coast. 

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Weight .82 lbs
How To:

Shake me! Spray with gusto at the roots and evenly throughout damp or dry hair. Massage and scrunch gently, like you're in a sexy shampoo commercial. Air dry or finish with a blowdryer.


Natural Wave and Curl Definition, Volume, Hair Texturizer, Defrizzer, Hair Moisturizer, After-Gym Hair, Hair Perfume


Distilled Water, Pure Flake Sea Salt, Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Natural Essential Oil & Fragrance Oil Blend (Coconut, Vanilla, Mango, Pineapple, Rose)


2oz, 4oz

4 reviews for Cap’n Coconut Mermaid Hair

  1. Courtney Knauer

    Beautiful bottle, excellent on Keratin treated hair but still wanted those beach curls.

  2. Sally

    I purchased this at an amazing holiday craft show and couldn’t believe how much better it was then typical hair sprays. It works so well for scrunching when I want my hair curly and also after I blow dry it straight, it keeps it smooth and shiny. The fragrance is so enjoyable. I am ordering on-line for the first time because I have missed using it. It works so well for me.

  3. Susan

    This stuff is fabulous…I love it and my hair loves it!!! I add it everyday even when its a no wash day it freshens up my hair and smells so good!!!

  4. Bethany K.

    Absolutely LOVE Mermaid Hair! I’m not a product person when it comes to my hair at all. Honestly if I hadn’t won it in a giveaway, my life wouldn’t be full of this delicious smelling spray I use in my hair (fine and straight) for an amazing, long lasting but not overpowering smell and to keep frizz at bay, and in my toddlers hair (very curly!) to keep her curls from getting too wild and keep them bouncy and adorable. I have to hide the bottle from her or she’ll spray it all. I wish that was a joke, I’ve lost it a few times now. It’s become a must have in my house!

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