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About Us

Ahoy! I’m Emily, owner and founder of Cap’n Coconut. The Cap’n Coconut story begins when I was nourishing my skin back to health after treatment for melanoma. Recovery required me to take a step back from my hectic work life and prioritize healing and well-being. I drew inspiration from talks with my dermatologist about the healing properties of coconut oil and traditions learned from long cold winters growing up between Alaska and the Oregon Coast. 

I set off developing a coconut body balm recipe and soon enough began sharing it with my friends and family. I met busy working moms crushing their morning workout class, hard-working fishermen pushing through record rockfish seasons, and champion surfers nailing their sunrise sets. Folks who faced eventful days, and had skin and hair ready for recovery with a midday micro vacation. 

Their livelihoods inspired me to choose ingredients and develop formulas that make the difference. With Cap’n Coconut, paradise awaits anyone who needs a getaway. 

Meet Our Friends & Collaborators

We couldn’t do it without our amazing, talented, incredible friends. These makers, artists, companies, and organizations have been behind Cap’n Coconut from the little baby egg of a beginning or just rooting for us along the way. Thank you for your support and energy!